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Full name: Viktoriya Brovarchuk
Place: Moscow, Russia
Country: Russian Federation
Gender: female
Age: 35
Signed Up: on September 13, 2019
Homepage: https://viktoriyabrova...


Hi, my name is Victoria. My name is Victoria. I am a copywriter, more articles on I have been in copywriting for 4 years, and I have been active for 3 years. Before that, I've struck the text from my studies and at the terrific world of literature. During the first three weeks I wrote texts to my own friends and acquaintances - I obtained orders from those that I know personally. But I then realized that without even taking it badly, my hobby would forever remain a pastime.
A very important aspect in your own work is understanding how much your work really costs, not just how much you really want to payoff. It is not how much they want, however how much they need quality text. It is important to learn to value yourself, your job and your time.
One of the important classes that I unfortunately did not immediately understand is that you can not work with insolent clients. They will always find a problem from the textto make a comment, and then be sure to locate your proposal and write bad comments.
Subsequently I started learning how to work with individuals to increase the number of my orders. In case you managed to get a good arrangement, then remind the client that you are happy to watch and hear him at any moment and on the principle of financial pyramid encourage you to invite your friends, acquaintances, colleagues.
I ended the initial stage of my job by acquiring a job that I didn't enjoy - and a year and a half I did not realize what I wanted or what I could really do. For a while I tried to unite with bulimia - but faith, strength and reciprocity weren't enough. This time I expanded the range of potential customers all over the nation.

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